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161. D - 2008 VERSION OF 1997 Blizzard

As I snow-shoed my way along the north end of Rockland Lake State Park on the day after the Blizzard of '96, I came upon a solitary bench on the edge of the snow-covered lake. Unable to sketch it or paint it on location, I photographed it from several angles and a few days later created a painting from the photographs. The bench, now snow-bound and isolated, is unable to welcome those who in other seasons of the year would accept its hospitality, taking a moment to sit upon it and enjoy the grand vista of the lake and hills. Nevertheless, the bench keeps its winter vigil in anticipation of the warmer and more inviting days of spring and summer.  Waiting upon the advent of that which is to come is an inescapable part of living. Anticipation makes our winter vigils bearable and keeps the future viable. It is this sense of waiting and anticipating that I felt when I did this painting and wanted to convey to others as a reminder that, whatever may be one's circumstances, the sun will again shine, the snow melt, and winter will inevitably yield to spring. 



SKU: 161
  • 2008

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