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19. Touring the harbor in Welfleet, on Cape Cod, I came upon this boat jacked up on dry dock. It was obvious from the state of the ship that it was in need of repair and refurbishing. The total exposure of the vessel, keel, propeller and all, caught my attention. The day was windy and rainy, so I parked my car in such a way as to enable me to see and sketch the boat through the front window of my vehicle. The following morning I returned to paint the drawing. Although the rain had stopped, the day was still overcast and windy. Viewing the boat from the same angle as the previous day, I set up my chair and completed the sketch in color. As I painted, I thought of how sometimes we too need to put ourselves in "dry dock" and take some time out to repair our souls. Time spent apart from the cacophony of life, can give us a chance to get a "fresh coat of paint" and ready us to be launched again into the sea of life. 


SKU: 19
  • 2008

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