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Artist's description: I made the initial sketch of this abandoned water wheel in the summer of 2004. It remained in my sketch book for almost 4 years before I went back and enlarged it into an 11 and 14 inch painting. The initial sketch was in a vertical format, but I moved to a horizontal format in the final painting so that I could emphasize more of the stone work around the wheel. Both the water wheel and the building to which it is attach have apparently not been used for some years. Yet they remain in remarkable good condition. If care is taken when initially something is created and made, it will survive the aging of passing years. Our lives are like that too. What we leave for the benefit of others, often depends upon how creatively and courageously we are willing to live; how well, like this water wheel and building, our lives have been put together.


SKU: 145
  • 2004

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