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I spotted this garden shed tucked away in a corner of a flower landscape as part of a State Park in upstate New York. Maintaining the flowerbeds was a group of volunteers working nearby. As colorful and beautiful as were the flowers themselves, I found myself strangely attracted to this shed set back among the gardens. Although I did not directly peer into the shed itself, I suspect that inside were rakes, trowels, shovels, flowerpots bags of fertilizers, seeds, and other familiar tools that are used to maintain the flowers. I could almost smell its musty, earthy interior. Although I painted only the outside of the shed, it was the unseen within that made the building alluring to me. Often it is the unseen within us that shapes and forms the "flower" we become, and the "garden" we make of our lives. 



SKU: 102
  • 2008

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