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I had read about the Heatherford Lighthouse in North Wildwood, New Jersey and wanted to do a sketch of it. Upon arriving at the Lighthouse, I walked out on the beach to get a frontal view of the building. Much to my disappointment, the shrubs and trees in front of the lighthouse had grown full and tall covering all but a small portion of the roof. I photographed what little could be seen, and then walked back through the shrubs and up close made notes and color samples of the front of the house. From those preliminary drawings and photographs, using my "artist license", I lowered the height of the bushes and trees and sketched and painted the Lighthouse as it would have appeared without being obscured and hidden behind the foliage. To see life as it is, we sometimes need to clear away those things and experiences that keep its truth hidden from us. Like this new view of the Lighthouse however, what often emerges is a better vision of what really is. 


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  • 2003


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