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42 B.

1/9/2009 - Winter time Version

This lovely stone chapel is situated in a New Jersey State Park on a hill above Shepherd Lake. It is a favorite place for weddings, affording any couple a beautiful building and setting for their ceremony. To paint this picture, I squeezed myself onto the hilly side of the road that goes up toward the chapel. There was no shoulder on which to work between the road and a guardrail. The best I could do was to accomplish a pencil sketch on location and finish the painting back home. Although I initially did this drawing on a late October day, I later repainted this scene as a night winter snow scene and used it for a Christmas card. This exquisite stone chapel made for a very appropriate and reverent greeting card for a holiday season. It offered a very enticing and beautiful place to worship on a Christmas Eve. 


SKU: 42 B
  • 2009

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