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37 C. Black & White Version

It was a walk on the boardwalk in Ocean City, New Jersey that inspired this painting. At the north end the houses come up to the very edge of the boardwalk, snuggling as close to the Ocean as possible. As I turned my gaze from the beach toward the buildings behind the boardwalk, I was struck by the way in which the houses, back to back, formed an alleyway of interesting shapes, sizes and colors. Summer is the season in our northern hemisphere when we celebrate the nearness of the sun and bath in the warmth and light of the long and hot days of July and August.  In an attempt to capture the warmth and heat of a summer day at the Jersey Shore, I put aside any attempt to paint realistically. Rather, using primarily warm colors, I exaggerated the colors and concentrated on simply the shapes and sizes formed by the houses back to back along the alleyway. 


SKU: 37 C
  • 2003


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